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    a chat with joe about the Alchemist

    October 13, 2015


    Sometimes I forget that it’s about the process, not the destination. It’s about the joy, value and passion of creating. Not the final product.

    Thankfully, Joe can reel me back in. And remind me to focus on being present, and to remember to enjoy the process.

    “You know  how you read the book the Alchemist?” – Joe
    “Ya.” – Me
    “I don’t think you totally got all the themes..” – Joe
    “Ya I did. It’s about following your legend.” – Me
    “Ya, but it’s about the process. How you get there. Not just be at the end, find your legend and done. One opportunity gives you the keys to the doors to so many more opportunities.” – Joe
    “hmm” – Me
    “You have to go through the process.” – Joe


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